The True Meaning of Sustainable Value

This year’s WordCamp in Cape Town was an absolute blast. Hosted at the Cape Town Stadium, we spent the day sharing knowledge, journeys and experiences with close to 400 delegates. I was fortunate to present alongside some really amazing speakers, and to discuss a topic I am extremely passionate about; adding sustainable value (and what sustainable value really means).

If you’re keen to find out more, below are my slides from the day.

I look forward to presenting on this topic a lot more, showing how sustainable value applies to the WordPress product development community and presenting at future WordCamps and WordPress meet-ups. Thanks for having me, WordCamp Cape Town 2013!

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  1. […] is most useful and beneficial to that customer. This is what I’ve referred to previously as the true meaning of sustainable value. Regardless of whether a feature is small or large in terms of development time, even the smallest […]

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