Shifting the WordPress Mindset

I presented at WordCamp Cape Town 2012 yesterday on the topic of “Shifting the WordPress Mindset”. The objective of the presentation was to take a retrospective look at WordPress’ history and evolution, helping everyone (both new and seasoned users) to understand where we as the WordPress community has evolved from, where we are currently within WordPress’ growth and, thus, to enable us to more accurately forecast and understand where WordPress is heading as a platform and to help us, as a community, understand the role that we play and how we can help to evolve WordPress.

Here’s a video of my talk at WordCamp Cape Town 2012:

Here are the slides for “Shifting the WordPress Mindset”:

Why did you choose this WordPress topic to speak about at WordCamp?

With the sheer number of designers, developers and WordPress users in general today, it has become very easy for us to stray from the correct approach to a given brief. An example of this is including functionality within a theme that should, in actuality, be contained within a plugin.

In order to know where we are evolving the core and in order to ensure we get back onto the correct path of where our code should and shouldn’t be placed, I feel it important that we take a look back at where we have come from, where we are now and then, more accurately, forecast and discuss where we can help WordPress to evolve towards in the (not too distant) future.

Lets begin the discussion and make sure that we help WordPress to evolve into an even greater content management system than it already is, today. 🙂

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