WordPress Plugins

Matty Theme QuickSwitch (Download)

Quickly switch between themes via a menu in the WordPress Toolbar.

View Matty Theme QuickSwitch on WordPress.org

WP Hook Finder (Download)

Scan a WordPress theme or plugin for functions that are attached to hooks and filters and for any custom actions or filters that are added by the code …

View WP Hook Finder on WordPress.org

WP Section Index (Download)

Create a table of contents in a widget for the current page or blog post, using headings from the content.

View WP Section Index on WordPress.org

Over time, I’ve built several WordPress plugins, to serve various personal or customer-related needs. These plugins usually arise from moments such as “we need this functionality on a WordPress project” or “wouldn’t it be cool if our WordPress blog had this awesome feature?”- and now, here they are!

Hosted on the WordPress Extend plugin repository, these plugins are also available via your WordPress administration console’s “Plugins -> Add New” menu.

For more information about any of the plugins, click the links below to visit a dedicated page for that plugin.