Tumblr is the next big thing

Tumblr, the popular blogging software, is a hosted blogging service that enables users to post notes, audio, video, photographs, quotes, links and conversations all in one place. Not a full blogging system like WordPress or MovableType and not a micro-blogging service like Twitter, Tumblr is, I believe, a middle-ground between the two. I believe thisContinue reading “Tumblr is the next big thing”

Why aren’t there more South Africans on Tumblr?

I believe this question to be pertinent, of late. Why aren’t more South Africans on Tumblr? It seems like the service hasn’t really taken off here. The microblogging – come – blogging – come – information sharing service is the perfect way for inexperienced internet users to be introduced to the web and concepts usedContinue reading “Why aren’t there more South Africans on Tumblr?”

Just what is Tumblr anyway?

What’s that? It smells like Twitter, yet tastes like blogging. Ah, it must be Tumblr. And what a great smell and taste it has. Tumblr is a tumblogging service that allows users to create streams of blog posts, photographs, videos, audio, links and quotes on their very own tumblog. The first line of this post,Continue reading “Just what is Tumblr anyway?”