Is DrawSomething a new approach to gathering Big Data?

Data is fast becoming the hot commodity in today’s society. What do we know about our customers? How can we use our customer’s habits and trends to make our product better? While this concept is not uncommon in the non-digital world (printed surveys and small inserts in magazines aren’t uncommon), filling in surveys is fast becoming a common and, frankly, boring method of collecting data about customers or users or a product.

I know, why not make them draw things instead?

DrawSomething, a popular mobile and online game by OMGPOP, has taken the digital world by storm. Worldwide, mobile users are connecting with their friends (many via Facebook) and drawing pictures of words such as “swimming”, “magnet” and “katyperry”, in the hopes that their friend will be able to guess the word correctly. This digital take on the popular “Pictionary” board game is great fun and, frankly, rather difficult to put down. Other than the fun factor, what is the real bigger picture (pardon the punn)?

Keep your mobile ‘in sync’ using Google Sync

No iPhone? Can’t get hold of a Google Android phone? Pout no more… you can now still have “Google” on your mobile phone. I’ve tried out Google’s Gmail application on my Nokia S60 mobile with success. It’s a great app. It only covers the email features though, so I’d have to login via Google mobile to do anything with my calendar or other Google features, on which the mobile functionality is still somewhat limited. Google steps up now to introduce Google Sync.

 Google Sync allows you to keep your mobile contacts and calendar (depending on your mobile device) with your Google account. This is done in true sync style, meaning that any updates made on your Google account can be synced automatically to your mobile device, and visa versa. You can also get calendar alerts on your device.