A nerd’s definition of ‘beautiful’

Recently, after I got a Macbook, I’ve been thinking a lot about the subtle elements that make working on a Mac different to other operating systems. The icons, the interface and the subtlties in the intuitive nature of the system as a whole. How every application designed specifically for OS X integrates into the system, makes use of native functionality and interacts well with other OS X applications (example: Pixelmator and iPhoto, or Apple Mail and Safari).

A while later, I expanded the above topic of synchronicity to the overall concept of beauty. How beautiful the synchronicity is. I then thought; “this is definitely a nerd’s definition of ‘beautiful’“. Hence, my latest nerdicle on Nerd Mag discusses this further, stating, “beauty is:”.
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I got a Macbook

Other potential titles for this post: “I can haz Macbook”, “Macbook: Day 01” and “Macmacmacmacmac” (like in the “Mac” washing powder advert).

OK, so the gist of this post: I got a Macbook.

I’ve been researching laptop options for a while now (over a year) and have changed my mind several times as to what I thought the best option was for me. I have (clearly) settled on the Macbook. It’s a 13″ aliminium Macbook, the 2Ghz version.

After a few hours of software updates and general setup, I am loving the experience. Having worked on a PC for the majority of my computer using existance, the change is definitely a concious one. I have worked on Macs before though, so it was pretty seemless, in fact.

I love the whole culture behind the Mac. The array of applications available is vast and syncing your information across multiple devices is easy. Heck, the Macbook even recognised what colour my iPod Nano (free with the Macbook) is (it’s green, by the way).

All in all, my experience thus far has been a very pleasant one. I’m feeling more productive, relaxed and one with my productivity.

If you can recommend anything I should look into doing with my Macbook that may be beneficial (eg: backups, system optimisation, etc), I’d greatly appreciate it. I now entirely understand why people go Mac and stay with it.

5 steps to (potentially) winning a Macbook

South African media sharing website, Zoopy, has been running a popular monthly competition to win a Macbook. Yes, a Macbook. All you have to do is invite a few friends and you could be in line to win. What if you have the majority of your friends listed on a social networking website? No worries, Zoopy to the rescue.

With Zoopy’s new feature, you are able to send invitations to your friends on various popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Bebo. That way, if you have a large amount of international friends who you correspond with via the networks, you are able to include and invite everyone.