… but which guitar?

My first electric guitar: a classic Washburn BT-3, black with a white scratchplate. It resembles the Fender Stratocaster shape, with a more rounded body and 3 pegs on either side of the headstock, instead of Fender’s single line of 6 (this is a blog post all on it’s own… how does tuning one string and simultaniously detuning the next a good thing?). This guitar feels amazing, plays beautifully and has been a great companion to me over the last just over a decade or so. This brings me to the topic of this post: the search for a second guitar. Which guitar to choose?

It’s interesting how, over time, one becomes very comfortable with one’s guitar… so much so that I’m tempted to look in the same range for a second guitar, as I love the Washburn. Floor salesmen usually ask what style you will be playing on the guitar… but what if you play a variety of different styles?

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