I can haz trifle?

A few evenings ago, I had an awesome trifle. It was bought, but still awesome. This got me to thinking; “How much more AWESOME would a trifle be if home-made?“. I love combining my hobbies. Music and computers, internet and photography, the social web and cooking… all great combinations.  I chose the third combination for theContinue reading “I can haz trifle?”

HOW TO: Make a refreshing sorbet

OK, so summer is definitely coming on strong at the moment. With temperatures in the Cape reaching highs of 34° and up (also showing no signs of cooling down too much), keeping cool and refreshed is becoming more and more difficult. A few months ago, I blogged about websites for “web 2.0 chefs“.  During the researchContinue reading “HOW TO: Make a refreshing sorbet”

5+ Websites for daily inspiration and fun

Inspiration is a feeling that can arrive in an endless variety of packages…from neatly wrapped parcels to boxes bursting at the seams to explode. Being at a computer for a large part of the day, I find inspiration in many nooks and crannies online. There are a few websites that I visit regularly that IContinue reading “5+ Websites for daily inspiration and fun”

5+ Must-see websites for the web 2.0 chef

I have always enjoyed cooking and food in general. I welcome to thought of experimenting with flavours and trying something new and different…but not too out there. I remember, many years ago, watching my mother pull out all kinds of recipe books from a cupboard, and scuffling through them at break-neck speeds, trying to findContinue reading “5+ Must-see websites for the web 2.0 chef”