Christel House SA – A Tweet-up for a Cause

This Saturday morning past saw a group of tweeters, press, teachers and school-kids arrive at Christel House SA in Ottery for what was truly an eye-opening experience. We planted trees on the school grounds, sharing in the construction and landscaping of what is truly an incredible institution. The Christel House school is an institution that providesContinue reading “Christel House SA – A Tweet-up for a Cause”

Tweet-ups, Meet-ups, Relish and Tree Planting

Tweet-ups and Relish Last night saw the gathering of Captonian tweeters at Relish in town for a tweet-up (meeting of Twitter users). Relish was a great choice of venue for the evening and accommodated everyone perfectly. The event was held in honour of Mike Stopforth’s trip to the Cape. Many turned out for the occassionContinue reading “Tweet-ups, Meet-ups, Relish and Tree Planting”