Real Revolutionaries

A real revolutionary fights for what is right, but brings in love and light. A real revolutionary, is peaceful and non-violent, but strong and potent. A real revolutionary is a soul rebel, unconquerable. The above words from Gregory G Ras have been reminding me of what’s important to remember during times like these we’re experiencingContinue reading “Real Revolutionaries”

On Reflections and Incorporating Change

The only thing that is constant is change. – Heraclitus As humans, we often struggle with change and how to incorporate this change into our status quo. As someone who thrives on consistency, focus and clarity, change is always difficult to adjust to. At the same time, I feel I’m slowly figuring out how IContinue reading “On Reflections and Incorporating Change”

What bands and musicians can learn from software companies

“Release early, release often” is what they say in the software game, if you’re applying a LEAN approach. Having a product in the market, and receiving customer feedback, is better than having nothing out there for customers to see, test and give feedback on. “If you’re proud of your MVP, you’re doing it wrong” isContinue reading “What bands and musicians can learn from software companies”

A note to The Parlotones, as they jet off to America

Earlier today, Rolling Stone South Africa published an article reporting that South African rock band, The Parlotones (or, as Gareth Cliff calls them, The Par-lot-ones), are moving to Los Angeles, California, in an attempt to reach further into the international music market. While I’m not a Parlotones fan, I am a big lover of SouthContinue reading “A note to The Parlotones, as they jet off to America”

Musicians know how to promote

When making observations, I make a point of looking at and learning from both positive and negative observations… taking the lessons and learning from them. I also quite enjoy relating one industry to another, taking a lesson or observation from a certain industry and applying it to another. Today’s topic is around promotion, pushing yourContinue reading “Musicians know how to promote”

South African bands and why they rock

I love South African music. There’s something unique about the South African music industry, the culture behind the bands and the unique dedication and passion with which musicians and industry folks go about things. I’ve been listening to some really excellent South African bands lately and the other way, while in the car, it occurredContinue reading “South African bands and why they rock”

Does pop music have a “sell by” date?

Pop music, generally accepted as music that is geared towards being popular with a mass market, flows consistently like a running river. New artists arrive on the scene at a steady pace, and existing artists tend to slide to the other end of the conveyer belt into a “what are they up to since theirContinue reading “Does pop music have a “sell by” date?”

5+ (more) South African bands you may (or may not) have heard

Following on from my first list, I’ve continued by compiling a list of a few more awesome South African bands, past and present. We have so many amazingly talented bands and musicians in South Africa, it’s not easy to keep this list short. Here are a few South African bands that I’ve enjoyed listening to.Continue reading “5+ (more) South African bands you may (or may not) have heard”

It’s never too late to pick up a musical instrument

It really never is too late. I’ve heard the following from so many people; “I can’t play guitar” or “I’m not musical enough” or “Piano just seems too… too difficult”. The above are all incorrect. Playing a musical instrument, the way I see it, requires the 4 P’s: Patience, Persistance, Practice and Passion. These fourContinue reading “It’s never too late to pick up a musical instrument”

Is it the band or the musicians?

I got to thinking the other day about bands and musicians, particularly in the South African music industry. Locally, it’s quite common for musicians to play in more than one band, usually varying in genre. Over the last few years, I’ve found that with certain musicians, whatever band they perform in, I enjoy the music. WhetherContinue reading “Is it the band or the musicians?”